Project Rescue

Do you feel like those “ducks” you are trying to get in a row are acting more like squirrels? Do you have that one project that just won’t get in line? Are you frustrated with a lack of progress or excessive funding spent on a project?

Projects can stall or fail for many reasons and even the best intentions and proper planning will not save them all. Let our team at Procise Solutions assess your current situation and provide guidance on how to rescue or restart your efforts. As many productivity tools for businesses become easier to install and use, it can lead to deployments with less oversight and foresight than ever before. Often users are deploying software on their own without input from IT. This can be especially true with cloud systems where most features are “on” by default. Procise Solutions can help you reign in all the moving parts and get a handle on reclaiming control of your project.

Our Project Rescue process typically starts with a “step-back” review of the initial project goals, where you are now and how you got there. Next, we assess the current state of the project. This may include reviews of code, configuration and documentation, along with team interviews. From there we will develop concrete next steps and direction on how to get back on track.